N-Speed Game

N-Speed is a futuristic racing game for Symbian/OS and Maemo internet tablets.

The Symbian version of game works on Nokia Series 60 1.x phones (7650, N-Gage, etc.). Just install the SIS-files in the archive on your phone. Note that if you’re running low on memory, you don’t necessarily need to install all the cars and tracks.

The Maemo version works on the N800 and N810 Nokia internet tablets and other compatible devices. Just click the link in the right to install the game.

For the Windows version, just unzip the archive and run bin/win32/n-speed.exe.

For the Linux version, just untar the archive and run bin/win32/n-speed. You need to have SDL and SDL-image installed.


Navigate the menus with the game controller and select entries with the ‘5’ key. Press ‘7’ to go back.

During the race, the following keys are available:

Accelerate:       numpad 5
Brake:            numpad 7
Turn left:        game controller left
Turn right:       game controller right
Bring up menu:    left softkey

If you wreck your car, press the left sofkey to bring up the menu.