The Way Out Wild Demo

The Way Out

The Way Out is our entry to the the Assembly'02 wild demo competition.

You might notice that this entry is a bit different from our previous contributions to the wild demo compo. This is due to the general annoyance among most demosceners provoked by very non-demoscene and non-computer related wild demos in the past. So this year we went for something completelty different, and wheter it is for the better or worse, that’s for you to decide.

Now something for the technically inclided ones out there. The video was shot with a digital Sony camcorder (except for some short footage from a Logitech Quickcam). The total of about 80 scenes was uploaded from the camera via firewire.

Most of the CGI-effects were realized with 3D Studio Max 4. In addition, many custom display hacks were programmed to generate some of the various demo effects seen in the film.

Video editing and compositing was mainly done with Sonic Foundry’s Vegas Video 3.0. After we managed to squeeze the thing into 4 minutes and 59 seconds, the audio track was composed. Finally, the whole video was rendered into a 9 gig uncompressed avi, which in turn was compressed into the final MPEG1-version. We tried to build a DivX-version aswell, but the technology was deemed to be too much of a hack to allow this.

The wild demo you now behold is the end results of a fair month’s work, hand carved from 28 gigs worth of obscure data files for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy it :)


Production Crew