Script-a-sketch Picture Replicator

This weird program takes a BMP picture and moves the mouse cursor in another program window to simulate the action of drawing that picture. Mostly useless but priceless when combined with preferably multiplayer online drawing programs that normally don’t allow image pasting :-) Visual Basic project files included.

Okay, here’s how to use Script-a-Sketch:

  1. Go to Pasimaailma (i.e. any site that lets you draw stuff on a web page)
  2. Open Script-a-Sketch and position the program and the browser windows so that neither overlaps the other.
  3. Click on ‘Set’ next to ‘Target Window’ and click on the drawing area in the browser.
  4. Click on ‘Set’ next to ‘Upper left corner’ and click on the upper left corner of the drawing area. Don’t move the browser window after this.
  5. Click on ‘Set’ next to ‘Lower right corner’ and ditto for the lower left corner of the drawing area.
  6. Click on ‘Load…’ and find a black-and-white, preferably line-drawing -style bmp- picture. Now resize Script-a-Sketch so that all of the picture you loaded is visible (Yeah, am I lazy or what?-).
  7. Click on ‘Go’, and watch the magic happen.

Note that you can use any program window for the target, e.g. to test out a picture in MSPaint before going online.